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The day to day ramblings of a newly adopted 6-month old girl, and all the wacky things that make up her life. If you even mention the fact that I'm too young to have a blog, I'm gonna' get cranky. You wouldn't like me cranky!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's May, so that must mean it's time for the 6 month update!

Hello my subjects!  It's Princess Aubrey, here to fill you in on the last six months of my life!  I think the last time we chatted, we left off with Halloween.  Thanksgiving wasn't very exciting (at least to me anyways), so we'll start off with Christmas.  Have I told you that I heart Santa?  Oh yeah. He rocks my world!  He brought me a pink convertible battery operated Barbie Mustang - the kind you drive!  I've decided that next to eating, pushing on the accelerator is my favorite thing to do.  I haven't quite mastered the art of steering yet, but based on how my Mommy drives, it apparently isn't a skill that's needed much in the real world anyways.  Santa actually came to my school to visit, and they put snow on the ground so we could play in it.  I wanted nothing to do with him.  I was very happy to look at him through a window and run away.  Like most men, Santa is best enjoyed from a distance!  I loved the Xmas tree, and the decorations, and was very excited when all my Christmas Carol-singing plush dolls were taken out of storage.  I love hearing them sing, and have all the songs memorized.  The only doll I don't like is the Abominable Snowman from the "Rudolph" movie.  When he yells it scares me, so I don't play with him at all.

On a more personal note, I got very very VERY sick in February.  Apparently, one of my classmates, who has learned the art of wiping his or her butt - seems clueless as to the fact that it must be wiped with paper, and not flesh.  So, I got something called "Hand Foot & Mouth Disease".  At first, I didn't believe it - I mean, I didn't go near cows at all this year!  Let me tell you, after experiencing this disease, Mad Cow Disease would be a vacation.  My entire mouth and face were covered with sores.  When I say my mouth - I mean IN MY MOUTH.  Tongue, roof of mouth, gums, cheeks.  Horrible painful sores that made it impossible to eat or drink. Even swallowing made me scream.  Wanna hear the best part?  There's no medicine for it. Children's Tylenol would have probably helped with the pain for it, but that would have required putting liquid in my mouth.  How long do the sores and the pain last?  Two weeks baby.  Fourteen long days and nights where sleep only happens about 15 minutes at a stretch, because when you are asleep, you swallow without thinking, which wakes you up screaming for 30 minutes or so.  Yeah.  Not a whole lot of fun.  But apparently it was not without some merit, as it broke me of the habit of using my binky.  You heard that right!  I'm a big girl now, with no binky at all!  Woo Hoo!

Well, on to more current things.  I got a new swing set a couple weeks ago, and I love it love it love it!  It's the first thing I do when I wake up, and the last thing I do before it gets dark.  I love to swing, and usually while I'm swinging, I'm singing a song or seven.  My favorite song to sing while on the swing is Old McDonald, though I have a few favorites.  I'm still throwing hissy fits, though usually they are for a reason now - typically when I don't get my way.  I'm really excited about my birthday, which is in 3 day!  Hurray!  I'm having a party at Chuck E. Cheese, and lots of my friends will be there.  I'll try and post those pictures right away.  I'm going to be the Big 4.  Yeah.  I'm a big girl now!  I'm hoping to get a bike for a present, as I've outgrown my little one.  I'm really good at pedaling, and I like to ride my scooter too, and have great balance. In school, I'm involved in a lot of activities.  I do karate, gymnastics, dance, and soccer.  I'm very active!

Oh are the pictures.  I know that's what you come here for!

Me and My Mommy Enjoying a Winter-ish Day

Having Fun With Daddy's Hat

One of the Easter Egg Surprises

Who says I don't know how to put on lipstick?  Surprise Mommy!

Xmastime and my cool Electric Barbie Convertible!

You think the Easter Bunny is cute?  She's got nothing on ME!

I loved my blinking Rudolph reindeer nose!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle

Only 3 and a half years old, and already I can imitate the sounds of just about any animal you can think of. "Nay! Goes the horse!, Gobble! Goes the turkey, Whine! Goes the woosie boy!" I've matured a lot over the past few months. No more pull-ups for me - I'm an underwear girl now! I haven't had an accident in many many weeks. I'm all growed-up! I am fascinated with the act of going to the bathroom though - often getting up mid-poop to look at what's coming out. Especially the day after I've eaten two entire kiwis and my poop is a beautiful green color! "Look Dad! Green poop! Cool!"

As was expected, I have developed a love for all things "potty mouth". Pee-pee, poo-poo, and butt are my favorite words to repeat ad-infinitum...followed of course by energetic giggling.

Halloween was great fun! I was dressed as a "pumpkin fairy", and I walked around 3 blocks before deciding I'd had enough and heading home to watch kids get scared by my brother. He was sitting on the porch looking like a stuffed monster. When they got near him, he'd move and scream, and they would scream right back! For weeks before, my entire wardrobe consisted of Halloween-themed outfits. I also only watched cartoons that were about Halloween. As you can imagine, I'm moved on to the next holiday - Christmas! Now, I love to wear all my Christmas shirts and watch only Xmas cartoons! I love Santa! I might actually be willing to pose for a picture with him this year!

Speaking of people I love, I love to play a little game with my Mom now. I tell her, "I love Daddy, I love brother, I love Abuela, I love Grandma, I love Phillip (the old guy in the produce section of the grocery store), I love Annie (my best friend at daycare), I love Delilah (our dog), I love Claire (our other dog), I love Ashley (my cousin)...but I Don't love you!" She pretends to act all upset, and I just giggle and run away. Yeah. I'm a stinker.

If you thought I loved to sing before, you are in for a rude awakening. I sing ALL THE TIME now, often giving impromptu concerts with 3 or 4 songs in succession. When I'm playing alone in my play room, you can usually hear me singing to myself. It's fun!

At school, I'm involved in lots of other activities. I'm in a gymnastics class, a karate class, and soon I'll be in a dancing class too. I'm having so much fun! It's kind of hard to get me to leave the house, but once I'm at school, I'm happy.

I'm down to about 3 binkies now. All the rest have been lost or Claire has chewed them all up. I go all day at school without it, but the minute I get in the car, my binkie and juice cup better be waiting for me! Mommy says that they don't make binkies anymore, and when I lose the last one, I won't have a binkie anymore. My answer? "But I NEED my binkie!" I know I'm a big girl, and binkies are for babies. But I really really NEED my binkie! It seems that I need lots of things. I never say I "want" something, I always say I "need" it. "I need to watch Blues Clues!", or "I need a snack!", or "I need more juice!". Guess I'll turn into a needy girl, huh?

I'm turning more and more into a "Daddy's girl" now. Where usually I insist that "Mommy do it!", I'm now saying "Daddy do it!". As a result, he's the lucky one who gets to wipe me when I go potty. I like to sit next to him when he's around, with my head on his shoulder. Daddy's fun to snuggle with! If he's around, he's the only one I'll let refill my juice cup. That's his job.

I've been pretty healthy too. Except for around Halloween, when I got infantigo. (I think that's how it's spelled.) I had a bad rash and blisters all around my face. It was pretty ugly. It kept me out of school for a week - but it didn't hurt. I still have allergies, and when the winds start blowing, my head gets all stuffed up. I've learned to snort to deal with that. I just suck in with my nose and make a LOUD pig snort. It's really horrible for people to hear, but I think of it as just another "skill" I've developed.

Well, that's about it for the update I think. Now for the pictures, which I'm sure is what you greedy readers want to see!



Blood cookies! Yum Yum! I am a vampire girl!

Two pretty princesses, and cousin Matthew!

Make my day, punk!

Despite attempts to convince me that this strap goes under my chin, I can assure you that it is a biting strap that belongs in my mouth!

This is my intellectual look! Do you like it?

Modeling the latest in rainwear fashion...

I'm a pumpkin princess! Yay!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where on Earth Have You Been? the threat of decapitation, dismemberment, disembowelment, and the withholding of precious Cheetos privileges, I'm updating my blog. I know it's been a long time...blah blah blah, but you have to understand that 3-year old girls have a VERY short attention span, and lack the maturity necessary to handle daily, weekly, quarterly or yearly responsibilities in maintaining a blog properly. That's all I'm gonna say about it - and if you make a fuss, I'm gonna lay down on the floor, kick my feet and scream a bloody fit for about 45 minutes. Trust me when I say, you don't want that. I did it last week, and even the dogs became suicidal.

Yes. I am officially three-years old now. The terrible hormone-filled horror that is the "Terrible Threes" has reared it's head and apparently I am less than reasonable on a regular basis. I do what I want, when I want, and heaven help you if you don't allow me to do that. I will scream, cry, and if you are close enough - punch you - to get my way. I've got a wicked left cross, and telling me to "use my words" will NOT - I repeat - NOT deter me in any way. I am very independent and like to do things myself - without any help. Some things I'm more successful at than others, such as: pulling up my underwear, getting dressed/undressed, setting the dinner table, and getting into my car seat. There are some problem areas of course, like: wiping my butt after I poo (if I remember), remembering NOT to poo in my underwear, pouring a small amount of ketchup (or any other condiment) onto my plate, and unlocking the house door. Mom and Dad are desperate to help me with every one of the problem areas (except for the last one), and sometimes I let them. If you try and say something like, "Aubrey, you know you aren't supposed to poo in your underwear...", I will stare at you blankly like you are speaking in Chinese. I've found that this technique works very well in keeping parents and teachers under control. If I'm doing something bad, and you tell me to stop - I will avert my gaze from you, ignore you - and continue doing it (albeit at a slower or gentler pace) - such as situations like punching my brother, not letting go of the dog's leg, or keeping my feet off the dinner table.

I am a singing machine. I sing all the time. I know every nursery rhyme song, as well as some others that I hear on the radio and TV. I particularly like "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls. I sing it this way..."Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Aubrey?...", then I'll continue to sing this lyric substituting the names of Daddy, Mommy, and brother. I'm also very athletic and daring - which should come as no surprise to those of you who have watched me grow up. I have no fear. I leap - I jump - I slide head-first down the playground slides. My legs are covered with bumps, bruises and scrapes from my playground adventures. I am part tom-boy, and I'm proud. I can wrestle and fight with the best of them - while wearing a pretty pink frilly dress and carrying my handbag on my arm. I am also very loveable - and will often come up to you and say "I love you" and give you a kiss without provocation. If you share your food with me, you can be guaranteed a "Thank you", followed up by a kiss on your arm and my declaration of love. I am an eating machine from the moment I awake until the moment I fall asleep. My favorite things to eat are fruit, with cheese flavored crackers or Cheetos being a close second. I love hamburgers, Spaghettios (shaped like Dora the Explorer, of course), fruit rolls, and salad. (Yes - I said salad - especially tomatoes YUM!!) Mommy grows fruits in her garden, like strawberries and blueberries and tomatoes. I rarely let them stay on the vine until they are ripe, and will snatch them as soon as I see any color in them. I once ate two entire full-sized tomatoes back to back, right off the vine. I love to read too, and will quietly sit by myself for up to an hour, just reading books. I particularly like Stephen King books. I love to go to school...Well, let me correct that statement...I HATE to GO to school, and getting dropped off by Mommy in the morning is very difficult for me. But once I'm there, I have a fun time. When Daddy picks me up in the afternoon, often my first words to him are, "I had a good day!". I have lots of friends at school who let me boss them around. Last week, a girl wasn't doing what I told her to do, so I told her to go sit on the bench for a time-out. It made the girl cry. Did I feel bad? Nope. She wasn't listening, and I AM THE BOSS!

Mommy and Daddy went on vacation a few months ago, and Abuela came to watch me and brother for a week. Despite all fears, I was a perfect angel (except for one tantrum), and I loved spending time with my Abuela. Every day, when she picked me up at school, we would stop off at Wendy's on the way home, and Abuela would buy me french fries for the ride home. She understands what makes me happy!

I had a great Christmas this past year (though me and the mall Santa weren't on speaking terms or posing terms for that matter), and a fun birthday party with lots of presents. One of my favorite presents was a little chest full of princess costumes. It lets you dress like Cinderella, or Snow White, or Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell's costume even has wings! I love dressing like Tinkerbell and having Daddy lift me to fly all around the house. That's fun! I had a party at school with all my friends, and it was great fun to have everyone make a fuss about me! I wish it was my birthday every day!

Don't I look pretty with Mommy's lipstick on?

Making Christmas cookies was way fun!

Opening the presents is more fun than seeing what's inside!

Me dressed in my Christmas outfit while standing on Mommy's feet.

Abuela, Brother, Grandma, and me!

Brother and Me being sumo wrestlers!

After a long day of playing, sometimes the best place to take a nap is on the stairs...

Me with my "cutesy" pose. I'm adorable, and I know it.

I am a professional when it comes to saying the word "Cheese!"

Who needs to brush and floss when you have a doggy that will entirely lick the inside of your mouth clean after every time you eat? I love my doggy! Good girl, Claire!

"Uh...I can't be bothered with a phone call now. Can you take a message? Can't you see I'm trying on my new birthday hat?"

I hate basketball (or as I call it: soccer ball). I'd much rather be watching Blues Clues every hour of every single solitary day...and only the big-screen TV will do. How dare Daddy watch something I don't want to watch? It's MY TV after all!

Peace Out, my peeps!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Puppy Dog Tails

I've got a new puppy...and she's cute and cuddly and soft...and I love to torture her at every opportunity! So, I LOVED Halloween this year. I didn't want to wear a costume, but I went door to door anyways in a "Little Devil" T-shirt and raked in some major candy boot-tay. Once that was done, I really really liked handing out candy to everyone. I would hold a few pieces of candy in my hand and sit on the stoop waiting expectantly for the next kid to come to the door. It was everything Mommy and Daddy could do to keep me from running out into the street after them. I just kept screaming "I got candy!!!" and "Happy Halloween!". Also, being the polite little princess that I am, after I gave the kids the candy, and they said thank you, I'd reply, "Your welcome! Happy Halloween! I love you!". You had to be there. I was very very cute...even more cute than normal.

I'm getting older now (I do that, you know...), and my hair is really long. I hate getting it combed though, so it's usually a fight every day to get that done. My hair is naturally curly, so getting a comb through it without catching about 1000 snags is next to impossible. It has to be done within a few minutes of getting out of the bath, or forget it. I'm talking a lot more now, and singing a lot too. My favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star", and I'll make up many songs using the same tune. My favorite lyric is "Aubrey Aubrey, Aubrey I wonder Aubrey Aubrey". I know most every song by the Wiggles, and will sing along if you sing it with me. I also sing along to just about every other song as well...I just make up the words.

I've finally developed an appreciation for bodily functions, and farts are FUNNY as HELL! I'll toot out a good one, and then giggle and say "Poo Poo! He he he!". I'm almost entirely trained with the "lemonade" portion of the poddy-training. It's the "fudge" portion that I can only do in my pants. "Milk, Milk, Lemonade....Around the Corner Fudge is Made".....Yeah...That's pretty funny. Especially if you point to all the areas involved while you are saying it. Try it! You'll see.

I'm a little bit Asthma...You're a little bit Germaphobe.....Yeah...I've had a couple instances where I've had small attacks of breathing difficulty. I wheeze and cry...and try to stick my hand down my throat to open it up. It generally sucks. Fortunately, they haven't lasted very long...and I'll no doubt be getting an inhaler soon for those emergency situations. We haven't quite figured what triggers it, but when the wind is blowing hard and a lot of dust is in the air, that kind of sets up a cough, and from time to time, a little "Wheezy action". Hopefully this will be something I outgrow....'cause it's really scary for Mommy and Daddy.

Let's see....what else?....Did I tell you I have a new puppy? The old doggy is still here, but we got a new one that's tiny and small enough that I can carry around by it's neck...or tail....or leg. Her name is Claire. We've argued over the name. So far, it's been named Boo, Scamper, Bitsy, and most recently Claire. I just call it "Puppy", and that's good enough for me.

Here's Claire, and no...she's not deformed. But she is really cute, and best of all - she's an ankle biter, and a toe biter, and a sock biter...Generally she's either sleeping or biting you. Careful if you let her lick your face, because she'll lick it a couple times and then clamp on to your lips with her teeth. She's a stinker....just like me!

This is me holding Claire. As you can see, she's really really happy to be held with her arm at a 135 degree angle from her body. Usually I've got her by some other appendages, so this was relatively pain-free. Even though I'm constantly doing mean things to her, when I'm asleep, she likes to curl up next to me and sleep with me. It's pretty cute for a few minutes until Mommy and Daddy take her away so she doesn't get me asthma going.

I like playing with scotch tape. So does Mommy. This night, we decided that we'd both become little piggies. Strangely enough, we both are much more attractive as piggies than people.

For those of you unsure of my clothing size, the sticker on my cheek says it all. I love stickers, and my favorite place to put them is all over my face. If you try to take them off me, I'll cry, so don't do it!

I was playing hide and seek with Daddy. Well, sort of. I got yelled at for doing something I shouldn't have been, so I decided to hide behind the DVD cabinet to pout. Five minutes later, I was sound asleep. Looks comfy, huh?

I'm laughing here because I'm wearing rain boots. You can't see them here, but trust me, they are on. It's one of the few times you'll see me without my binky. I go all day at day-care without it, but the minute I get in the car, that's the first thing I request. I don't suck on them anymore, and I mostly bite them sideways.

What's a horsey ride without the appropriate gear? My trusty cowboy hat, cleaning gloves, and jammies. I don't just rock back and forth either. It's more of a rock, then a slide of about 3 feet, as I roam through the house. I'm saying "Giddy Up" or "Yippie Ki Ai" the whole time too.

Here is my ballet outfit. Mommy put me in a ballet class, but I didn't want to participate. I just wanted to sit there and watch the other girls dance. We went to a couple classes, then Mommy gave up and decided to wait until next year to try again. Either way, I was way-hella-cute in my outfit and ballet slippers!

My "Official" school picture for 2006, that we just got back. I know....Hella Cute....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Betcha Thought I'd Never Post Again, Dinch' Ya'?

So, I'm officially two now. Actually, I've been officially two for around a couple months. I've been getting bigger and bigger, and more and more vocal. In fact, most of the time, you'll find me singing and dancing to some tune or another. I can sort of sing my ABC's now, and if you sing along, I'll say most of the letters. I'm a big fan of "The Wiggles", an Australian band that has lots of cool songs for kids like me. My favorite songs are "Fruit Salad" and "The Monkey Dance"! I also like Barney singing "I love you", and will sing along to that too. Most of the time, I amuse myself by playing with my dolls and reading books. I love to read books, especially "Blue's Clues" books, because they have pictures of "Joe" (The host of the show). I love Joe, and constantly carry pictures of him that I have ripped out of Nickelodeon magazine. The pages keep wearing out and ripping, and Mommy and Daddy use tape to fix them. From time to time, they have to buy more magazines to replace them!

As of a few weeks ago, I officially entered the "Terrible Twos" and have become quite professional at throwing tantrums any time I don't get my way. Mommy and Daddy seem to be having a hard time accepting that I'm the one in charge. I can throw a tantrum for up to 30 minutes, and trust me when I say they can't be easily ignored! For the past few months, I've refused to sleep in my room. I will only sleep on the living room floor. Don't ask me why that is, because I'm two...and nothing I do makes sense right now. Poor Mommy has to sleep downstairs on the floor with me, because I wake up regularly throughout the night. I know. You are saying to yourself, "Why don't they just move her into her bedroom when she's asleep?" They have done this. But I'll wake up either in transit or within a few minutes of being in my room and will scream like a banshee. Then I'll run back downstairs and lay down on the floor of the living room again. Aren't I a stinker?

So, what's new with you? (Shh! Here's a secret - I don't care!) You see, at my age, I'm all about me...and honestly, with my curly hair and beer belly body, why on Earth would I be interested in anybody else? In fact, I remind myself a lot of Paris Hilton. Everything in the world belongs to me. People fight to take pictures of me. Boys follow me around like lost puppies. (In fact, lost puppies follow me around too. ) Once I'm done with anything, I just toss it on the ground and leave it for someone else to pick up. I have more clothes than both of my parents combined....and most importantly, at any given moment of any given day, I'm secretly videotaped without my knowledge. Especially during embarrassing moments, like me licking the picture of Joe or Steve from Blue's Clues. (You see, I kiss by licking - cause my little doggie taught me how to do it.) Or singing songs while I'm in the bath...Or when I walk around naked! Now, don't get the wrong idea. The naked stuff isn't exactly titillating - unless of course, you are some hot 9 month old boy. (I go for the younger boys.) I just hate wearing clothes and I especially hate wearing diapers. Usually I allow it, but from time to time, it's a horrible battle until Mommy gives in and gives me 5 minutes of "freedom". The reason it only lasts 5 minutes, is because that's about as much time as it takes for me to pee all over the carpet or the couch or my chair. I bet that's something Paris would never do!...Well, maybe she does...

I'm having fun in daycare, and have decided that my teacher, Ms. Alyssa belongs solely to me. If any other children go near her, I throw a fit - push them away, and attach myself using my limbs of steel to her leg, lap or chest. I'm a WWF girl (World Wrestling Federation), and trust me when I say that it takes more than one person to unwrap me from my prey once I've taken hold.

All in all, my cuteness never fades - but grows brighter every day. Whether I'm dancing or singing or throwing myself onto the floor, it's a pleasure to be me. That being are my most recent paparazzi shots:

Here was my beautiful birthday cake. That's all you are going to see from my birthday party, as I was throwing a giant fit. Just know there were a lot of people there, and I was having fun, but I wasn't about to stop the fun just to look at a cake. Besides, by turning two, I'm one step closer to 40...and you five-year olds know what I mean.

I love to wear hats. I have a Mexican sombrero that's my favorite. I also like baseball caps, but when a hat isn't handy, a smart girl learns to improvise. I also like purses, and will walk around with my arm cocked so that I gracefully carry the purse wherever I go. In this picture, you can see me praying that Prada comes out with a line of Barbie purses.

Here I am practicing for my Sports Illustrated photo shoot. Don't mind the blue stuff around my mouth. It's the leftover result of a nice blue lollipop. The hand belongs to my brother, and you can tell by how I'm looking at it, that I am getting ready to attack. ARRR! I'm a tiger!

Baby, I'm a star! Pay no attention to the fact that the sunglasses are upside down, as I prefer them that way. Notice that I've accesorized* my outfit with a lovely pink scarf and a matching binky. (*Yes, I know I mispelled the word, but I'm two-years old for God's sake! Give me a break here!)

Here I am in my unofficial "bedroom", pretending to go nite-nite. My brother is pretending with me. We are really good actors and deserve Oscars. No. Really. I deserve an Oscar. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

See? I told you we were pretending. Also, note that I've color coordinated my binky again. For those of you who think that's an easy task, you can just smell my diaper! I've also noticed that the cutest pictures of dogs are ones in which the dog tilts her head. I decided to try that as well. Did it work?...Of course it did, you silly silly reader!

So, for about a 3 month period ( I think I told you about this before) I walked around with my hand in my diaper continuously. This resulted in me pulling out fudge every single time I made it. I would then wipe it on any surface I found nearby. Remember when I told you about embarrasing pictures and video? Well, the paparazzi caught me here. But despite the way it looks, I wasn't pulling anything OUT of my diaper. I was using it as a storage chamber and was putting stuff IN it. I've outgrown it now, but for a long time, when someone changed my diaper, they would find small toys, figurines, straws and food that I'd stuffed in there for safe keeping. I mean, what better place could you hide something? It's not like someone's about to fish in there to try and get it!

Here's my attempt at sarcasm. See the T-shirt? I'm the opposite of that. You can tell by the devil eyes and the fact that I was dancing and singing out a song as I acted out the parts. I was on vacation in San Diego and I was having lots of fun playing "Monkey on the Bed".

Here I am in Legoland. This is one of those water fountain displays where you stand there and wait until water shoots out of the ground and soaks you. I waited patiently, and then...

I got what I wanted...over and over and over again....

This is me playing in the bathtub. This is the only time you'll see me with straight hair. Within a couple minutes of getting out, my naturally curly hair takes over. If you don't comb my hair quickly, within a span of about ten minutes you won't be able to comb through it without running into about a million snags.

O.K. That's all you get for now. Thanks for visiting, and I'll see you again soon I hope! Ciao!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sorry. I'm a Little Bit Grumpy Lately

I thought that was a funny joke. If you didn't get it, I'm sorry. So, here's the real scoop. St. Patrick's day was a hoot. In the spirit of the holiday, I pooped green for about 2 months solid. I'm just ambitious that way. Easter was confusing. I didn't quite get the idea of having to find the eggs and put them in the basket. It was fun once all the eggs were in there, and I got to open them up, but the collecting part I left to Mama and DiDi (That's my latest version of names for Mom & Dad). The Easter Bunny made the mistake of putting little foil wrapped chocolate eggs inside the plastic eggs. You see, I don't like to wait. I don't like anyone opening anything for me. In fact, I'd rather do most things by myself, otherwise I'm likely to throw one big whamma-jamma of a fit. If you give me a banana, I will bite through the skin to get at the inside. If you peel it for me, I'll just throw it on the ground, because you've ruined it. The same thing goes for string cheese and beef jerky sticks. Just leave them in the wrappers, and I'll bite through them or eventually give them to you to open for me. Getting the idea yet of what I did to the eggs? Oh yeah. It was mighty messy. I'd put those foil covered treats entirely in my mouth and chew on them. Eventually I'd get to the chocolate part, and I would just pull the foil part (now covered with melted chocolate) out of my mouth and throw it on the ground or put it on the couch - where it belongs, by the way. A nice $3000 leather couch, which I have single-handledly made sticky and disgusting over the past year. Oh yeah. I've got skills.

I've been having fun in daycare too. Though I'm not sure the other kids think so. 'Cause I likes to do me some "wrastling". If you are a little kid around my size, I'll just run up to you and hug you and knock you down. Once I've got you on the ground, I'll sit on your belly and jump up and down and up and down - just like I do with Dad and brother. I'm a big bully, and I like it. I also pull hair and pinch and occasionally bite - not to be mean-spirited or anything. As many times as I'm told that it's a "no-no", I still do what I want most of the time. It's a hormonal thing - you'll just have to deal with it.

My latest nickname is "Grabby Hands". What's my favorite things to grab and/or poke at? Three guesses. Haven't figured it out yet? Here's a hint. There are two places and both of them are in my diaper. Yep. If my diaper is on, I am CONSTANTLY putting my hand in the back of my diaper, and reaching around between the cheeks. Most time this isn't a problem, but around once or twice a day, I find myself a chocolate treat. Which leads to smelling it, tasting it, saying "yuk!", then wiping my hand off on my clothes, or the nearest surface, or carpet or couch. If within a couple seconds, Mama or Didi haven't seen that I'm covered in "chocolate", I'm quite often reaching in again to get a second handful. It's disgusting - I know. But I'm a baby! What do you expect? If I'm walking around, my hands in there 24/7. If you tell me to take my hand out of my diaper - I'll listen - For about 10 seconds. Then...WHOOP, THERE IT IS...back into my diaper it goes. Now. About the second area. Which to Didi is the most disturbing thing of all. The second that my diaper is off, whether it's due to a changing, or me pulling it off, or a bath - at that point, reaching into the backside is no longer of interest to me. My hand goes directly into the "front part". If you try to pull it away, I'll just keep putting it back a million times. During bath time it's crazy. My hand WILL NOT LEAVE IT ALONE. Didi is horrified the entire time, and keeps pulling my hand away. Mami doesn't especially like it either when it happens, but she tends to freak out a little less...she doesn't scream "Oh my God Aubrey!!!!" the whole time like Didi does. I'm sure I'll grow out of this someday. (Daddy's note: "Please God, let her grow out of it QUICKLY!")

I'm now a whopping 29 pounds, and nearly ten feet tall - for those of you keeping track. And my birthday is coming up on May 15th, just in case you all need a reminder. If you are wondering what to get me, here are some hints:

Blues Clues DVD's (The old ones with Steve in them - the new ones are OK, but I have all of those already). I've pretty much outgrown Elmo at this point. I still like Dora, but I'm moving on to Blue's Clues and Barney too.

Jewelry - I like to wear bracelets and necklaces. I like rings too, but I mostly put those in my mouth, and for some reason Mama and Didi don't let me play with the rings.

Purses - Yeah. I'm a girly girl and will carry a purse with me everywhere I go. Where else is a young lady to carry her precious binkies?

Stuffed animals/dolls - But please note - They MUST sing or dance or make noise when I push a button. I especially like the little singing gerbils you find in the store that cost about $4.99. I wear those out. If you get me something that doesn't make noises or doesn't have a button for me to push, I will NOT play with them. I'm picky that way. I have been known to make an exception for Barbie dolls if you are in a fix though. But be warned - in a matter of minutes they will be naked and wrestling each other.

So, here are the latest pictures:

When you are a girl with an oral fixation like me, one binky just doesn't cut it anymore.

Just kickin' back in my easy chair, watching Blue's Clues with one of my ever-present blankies.

No. This is not my bed. But it's another bed that I share with the doggy. Well, not exactly "share". More like - "Doggy Move!", and I take it over. What can I say? It's comfy and I like to nap in it!

Look what the Easter Bunny left me! Eggs!!!!!

Brother got a giant haul of eggs, since I only collected about 4 before I got bored with it. Next year, I don't think he'll be so happy, because I've figured out what needs to be done on Easter morning now!

"Can you take the foil off of this little egg for me? I promise I won't get chocolate all over the couch like I did five minutes ago. Come can you refuse a cute face like this?"

The official portrait for Spring of 2006. Don't let the dress fool ya'. I'm the one you should be afraid to mess with.